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How long does it take for the AVERAGE flower purchased through the NORMAL distribution chain to travel from the field to your door?
You may be surprised by the answer.

    The process of getting flowers from South America, to your store is as follows:
  • Grown in South America

    • Cut, processed and packed

  • Shipped to Miami

    • Stored, negotiated and reshipped

  • Received by wholesale

    • Processed, re-packaged and delivered

  • Received by retailer

    • Processed, arranged and delivered
    What we have been able because of DoranDirect to do is reduce this process as much as possible.
  • Moves flowers from grower to customer faster.
  • Cuts out the Miami middlemen and usage of their storage facilities.
  • Eliminates the possibilities of rotation in Miami.

DoranDirect is a company-wide purchasing program that we are pleased to be able to offer our customers. This program allows us to order product directly from our farms in South America, pack the product in specially marked sleeves and boxes with our DoranDirect logo, and ship them to you, our retail customers in the shortest possible time frame.

Unlike other flowers that are flown into Miami and held in refrigerated warehouses until sold, this product is packed and shipped just for you. Flowers will come to you in our special DoranDirect packaging as our way of assuring the freshest possible product available.

Look for the label: Absolutely the FRESHEST flowers available…guaranteed!

In providing this service, we are able to assure that your flowers spend the minimum amount of shipping time from the growers' fields to your door. In return, the life of the flower is enjoyed by your end-consumer, not wasted in a Miami warehouse like so many other "direct" flowers available on the open market.

Through this program, your product is specially packed in South America - just for you. If you are not familiar with our DoranDirect program and would like more information, or if you would like to place an order, please contact your salesperson today. We would love to service your direct ordering needs.